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Meaning Behind the Name


We want to help bring more Joy into your life! We do what we need, whether by legs or wheels, to do what we need to do.




Our mission is to enhance the life experience of our customers through the completion of tasks.


Our service is based on honest work for honest pay and solid, clear communication.


Giving Back


A percentage of income from our service jobs goes to charity! Our Charity of choice this year is Kidsport


We are licensed, bonded and insured.

We've got you covered

A Note from Jody


I am thrilled to be offering my clients the best that Regina offers. I have the privilege to work with and for people who understand what truly has value. The Joy Factor is a company that is built to assist people as they live and strive for those things that bring them joy. We are just a helpful hand to help you get where you deserve to be.




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